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new video – Mississippi Fred

My friend (and fellow Pfarmer), Danny Seim, was kind enough to make a fun little video for one of our new Nelson Patton tunes, “Mississippi Fred”. As the title suggests, the tune was inspired by Mississippi Fred McDowell and his driving guitar style. I orchestrated similar rhythms onto the trombone and used the loop pedal […]

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New Album – Nelson Patton ft. Lonnie Holley

My duo, Nelson Patton, releases our full-length debut today entitled Along The Way. It was recorded at my personal studio in Upstate NY and features Lonnie Holley on vocals. The twelve songs on the album, edited from dozens of improvised pieces, reflect the spirit of our expansive live shows. Check it out – it’s available […]

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Lisa Hannigan – At Swim

Lisa Hannigan released a beautiful new record today and I’m so happy to have contributed some trombone arrangements. Check it out!

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New Pfarmers Record

OUR PURAM is out now! It’s the second record from Pfarmers, a collaborative trio of Danny Seim (Menomena), Bryan Devendorf (The National), and me. The record is a concept album about the Rajneeshpuram community, briefly incorporated as a city in the 1980s, which was populated with followers of the spiritual teacher Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, later […]

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New Instagram — @bone_drone !

I created an Instagram account specifically for little music/art videos showcasing my trombone loop compositions. I’ve challenged myself to create 3 new videos per week (!), and so far I’ve been able to maintain it. Follow @bone_drone to see them: Here’s an example of a recent bone drone: I can, canoe? #trombone #looppedal #experimentalmusic […]

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Love Song For Roz

Lately, I’ve had the immense pleasure of getting to know Roswell Rudd. As you may know, he’s a legendary trombone player known primarily for his work in free and avant-garde jazz and landmark collaborations with Cecil Taylor, Archie Shepp, John Tchicai and Steve Lacy. He’s also the greatest guy ever! I’ve had so much fun […]

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Recorded Solo Set at WFMU

I had a such fun day at WFMU studio recording a solo set that will air on May 31st — keep an ear out! Big thanks to DJ Trouble (@giantpompom) for having me in the @wfmu studio today to record a solo set! Will air May 31st – keep an ear out… A photo posted […]

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Day of The Dead

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New album of improvised compositions

I have released a new album of improvised pieces for trombone and pedals. This is the first music ever recorded in my studio in upstate New York. Inspired by West African music and classical minimalism, these pieces stretch out and develop a little more slowly than previous works for a more expansive and trance-like feel. […]

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Nelson Patton sessions

Our sessions this past week were fun and productive. We jammed for hours on end and now have a mountain of material through which to mine for gems. At first I was concerned we didn’t have enough time in the studio, that we would be too pressed for time, but sometimes that can be just […]

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