Dave Nelson

Dave Nelson’s solo project incorporates trombone and effect pedals to create multi-layered improvisations that develop organically into fully realized compositions.

“A solo trombone recording isn’t one that is often going to be described as ambient or intoxicating, but the newest from Dave Nelson can’t really be described any other way. Thirty Thousand Feet begins with a simple image, a brief melodic fragment from trombone, but through the use of pedals and effects, Nelson adds one layer after the next, and suddenly that improvised note becomes an expansive vision rich with details. …Seriously captivating music.”

 ~ Dave Sumner, Bird Is The Worm

Nelson Patton

Nelson Patton

Nelson Patton is a NYC-based instrumental duo of Dave Nelson and Marlon Patton. Inspired by ambient minimalism, polyrhythmic composition, and orchestral sonorities, the duo layers trombone, drums and electronics to create a rich palette of improvised textures that evolve over time, creating a transportive experience that often swells to dramatic crescendos of orchestral fanfare. Nelson Patton has collaborated closely with Lonnie Holley, contributing heavily to his critically acclaimed album “Mith” as well as the short film “I Snuck Off The Slave Ship” which premiered at Sundance film festival.



Pfarmers is a collaborative trio of Danny Sem (Menomenah), Bryan Devendorf (The National) and Dave Nelson. The group has released two albums: Gunnera and Our Puram.

The Knights Orchestra

The Knights

Flexible in size and repertory, The Knights are dedicated to transforming the orchestral experience and eliminating barriers between audience and music. Led by an open-minded spirit of camaraderie and collaboration, we seek to engage with contemporary culture through vibrant performances that honor the classical tradition and our passion for musical discovery.

“an adventurous young orchestra that has established a strong reputation for polished performances and imaginative programming.”

~ The New York Times